A warm welcome to all children to an exciting Summer Term ahead.  This term will be a very busy one indeed!

This term, our topic is 'Spring Festival' and lessons will be taught around this theme - with Miss Dunkley in the mornings and Mrs Whitehead in the afternoons.


As you may be aware, the Year 6 SATs testing will take place this term.  Testing will commence on the morning of Monday 13th May, with the final test taking place on Thursday 16th May

These tests are compulsory and holidays or time out of school should not be arranged during this week.

You child is being well prepared to take these tests to the best of their ability and in the weeks running up to the test week we shall be doing further work and revision in all areas of Numeracy and Literacy.  Furthermore, we are exploring the skills needed to interpret and answer SATs questions correctly.  A personal revision file for Grammar is being compiled by your child and they are currently engaged in setting targets to help them to achieve their potential in each test. 

The SATs test timetable is as follows:

Monday 13th May - Reading Comprehension Test

Tuesday 14th May - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test

Wednesday 15th May - Mental Mathematics and Maths Test A (calculator not allowed)

Thursday 16th May - Maths Test B (calculator allowed)

If your child is being submitted for the Level 6 tests, these tests are in addition to the timetable above and will take place in the afternoons. 

Please feel free to arrange time to discuss these testing arrangements with me if you have any questions or concerns.


The Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew will take place on Wednesday 24th April

This whole day event, which takes place at Play Away (Eshton Grange, Gargrave) and is led by professionals and members of the Emergency Services, is a valuable and entertaining learning experience which introduces children to important life skills and encourages a more mature awareness of the world around them.   

A link will soon appear on this page which will display pictures of the children's work as a result of the Crucial Crew experience - please remember to look back after the event!


Can I please remind all parents and children of the impact which reading has a child's achievements.  It is a very valuable life-skill and children in Year 6 should be reading appropriate material every night (either independently or to an adult), recording their progress in their yellow Reading Record books.

Furthermore, whilst most children DO submit their homework, could you please encourage them to become responsible for handing it in on time.  This is an important routine to instill in children who are preparing for the transition to Secondary School in September.


After the SATs tests, work will be done to prepare Year 6 children for the transition to their Secondary School.  This could include visits to and from their new schools; personal and social work to help them to cope with the changes ahead and to help them to understand what to expect, plus role-play and discussion of 'hot' topics such as how to deal with bullying and how to build relationships between others.

Should you have any concerns or questions about your child's transition to Secondary School, please do not hesitate to arrange time to see me and I shall do my best to answer any questions you may have.