New Story Garden Opens - Sep 18

We've developed our very own ‘Story Garden’ in the middle quadrangle in school! It's  a magical space in school for all classes to use as an outside classroom—we can’t wait to show it to you! Special thanks to one of our very talented parents, Mr Bishop for the beautiful Story Tellers Chair he has made and donated to our school. We're sure to feel like reading royalty when we read in it.

Read Read Read! We firmly believe that reading unlocks the key for learning—it’s like a tiny bit of magic. If you can read you can learn and, without this skill, everything is so much harder. This year we will be working hard to further develop our children's skill in reading, and by the end of the year it is our aspiration for every child to ‘love reading.’ As part of this commitment we will continue to develop the fantastic work in the school library. Having appointed our own librarian, Mrs Broughton, last year, children will continue to have access to an ever growing number of quality reading books to take read in school and also take home. This year we have bought a range of age appropriate readers to be based in class—you will recognise several old favourites amongst them; books which children can read and read again (because they love them!) Teachers will be reading to their class at least once a day—because we believe that being read to helps children develop their own art of reading out loud. We strongly recommend that you buy a copy of the current class novel if your child is Y3 and above because reading along when listening develops the skills of understanding the text. At home you can help your child by re-reading sections and pre reading. Whilst we sometimes think that we only need to read something once, in fact the opposite is true. Re reading and pre reading all adds to the understanding and comprehension of stories—all adding to the skills needed to be a consummate reader.

As a parent, enjoy every opportunity you can  to read, read, read, with your child. If they see you reading for lots of different purposes, it will become important to them too and ,whatever they tell you, no one is ever too old to share a good book! Remember that your child’s teacher is always on hand to support you and your child with ideas and suggestions —get in touch!