Extra curricular activities - learning outside the school day

At Sutton CP the learning continues beyond the school day!

We have lots of great  extra curricular clubs for children to join after school. Clubs are planned to appeal to a range of interests and include lots of sports as well as the arts. We consult with our children regularly to find out what clubs they would be interested in joining. Clubs usually run for a half term block which enables us to vary what we offer each term. More popular clubs are often repeated. We also offer a range of musical activities and lessons during the school day.

We often employ specialist providers  to deliver these, as well as school staff, members of the local community and parents- all of whom are rigously checked in terms of health and safety, insurance and qualifications.

Our Governors have decided that attendance at any club  costs £4.00 - the revenue from clubs is used to; employ specialist providers, buy resources and subsidise less popular clubs. Any profit goes towards subsidising visits and special events in school. A full copy of the Governors charging policy can be found here.

The table above shows an overview of clubs for 1415  (please note that these may be subject to change)  Individual letters will be sent home prior to the club starting which will give you lots more information.

If you have any questions regarding  extra curricular clubs or even have an idea for a new one please contact Miss Baldwin in school.