Aims & Values

Sutton in Craven CP School is committed to the value of each individual & the development of self-worth. Together we aim for excellent progress and high attainment in knowledge, understanding & skills. 

At our school we aim to develop attitudes & values, which will help every child to become a strong, independent individual who can contribute effectively & generously to their life in 21st Century Britain.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Create a happy caring environment where children can enjoy the learning process in an atmosphere of challenge, excitement, enthusiasm & support;
  • Develop positive relationships founded on mutual trust, respect and good example,
  • Ensure all pupils are encouraged and supported in realising their potential in all areas
  • Provide a balanced & broadly based curriculum, accessible to all;
  • Introduce children to a wide range of experiences and challenges on order to motivate and enrich their learning now and in the future,
  • Develop children as caring, sensitive and tolerant individuals who have a clear understanding of right and wrong,
  • Promote positive attitudes to gender equality, disability, cultural, racial & religious diversity & special needs of all kinds;
  • Promote a positive partnership with parents and a carers based on shared information and responsibility for children’s learning,
  • Serve our school and community, encouraging and welcoming support, co-operation and interest, and inspiring confidence and pride in the work of the school,

“The curriculum is well organised, provides a broad range of experiences and is planned to ensure that pupils develop knowledge and skills in a consistent way” (Ofsted 2011)

We set high expectations for learning, behaviour & social development because we believe that excellence is most likely to be achieved when children are motivated to attain the highest standards of which they are capable, in a climate of caring support.

To learn more about our aims and values please see School Policies.